We at DMF STEELS provide Precision Ground Bars and Induction Hardened Ground Bars in the range of Ø8-40mm. In our product range you can find the materials listed below.

  • Induction Hardened and Hard Chrome Plated Steel Bars(Ø16 - 120mm)
  • Hard Chrome Plated Steel Bars, BAC Series (Ø12mm - 160mm)
  • H8 SRB Cold Drawn Honed Tubes (Ø40X50mm - 125X155mm)
  • Hard Chrome Plated Rod Tubes (Ø35mm - Ø 140mm)
  • Hydraulic Precision Pipes (Ø6X1mm - Ø 42X4mm)
  • Cold Drawn H9 Hydraulic Cyclinder Tubes (Ø25X32mm - Ø120X135mm)

Process compability and traceability are carried out in compliance with the ISO 9001 Quality Managment System in every step of production. The dimensional , mechanical , metallographic specifications of the products are reported to the customers, on a batch-by-batch basis.

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Precision Centerless Grinding

Precision Centerless Grinding

It's obtained dimensional tolerances in compliance with ISO 286-2 Standards.


We conduct burnishing procedures on materials when extremely smooth surface quality is required. We attain the result of 0,20 Ra surface quality at the end of burnishing procedures.


No matter what the application is, we believe straightening is critical. We regularly straighten to max.0,2mm/ m.

Cutting & Chamfering

Our cut and chamferred bars are made to order. The ancillary services we provide let you save your time and money.

Induction Surface Hardening

We custom produce Induction Hardened Ground Bars according to our customers' needs, with a maximum length of 6000mm Ø8-40mm.


Our quality assurance policy is rooted in always maximizing customer satisfaction with the goods and services we provide by effectively managing customer feedback, eliminating non-value added processes to make on-time deliveries, and consistently monitoring, updating and improving our Quality Assurance Protocols.

We keep all measurement records and evaluate the results between processes periodically to ensure the highest quality and sustainability of the products that we produce.

We provide qualitative reports of the products that contain dimensional, mechanical and metallographic specifications upon request.


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Please send your curriculum vitae for applications to following adress info@dmfsteels.com



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